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For questions about the assortment, please call the sales department of you supplier. You can find these contacts on the start page. For technical questions we can give you the following help:
You may check at first in our FAQ (frequently asked question), perhaps you can find a hint to your problem.
Please try to reload the page with CTRL+F5 or restart your iOS device by pressing both buttons for 10 seconds.
If you cannot find your question about the order platform (TopCC) there, please contact our hotline. Our staff will help you.
Request by phone: 079 102 80 87
Request by e-mail: andreas.sprecher@topcc.ch
Request by online form: Fill in your question online
Start screen sharing: Download software
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Please consider, that your Internet explorer is inactual and not secure. By 1st July 2020 we cannot guarantee anymore, that all features of the B2B order platform will work well. We recommend to switch to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

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Für Bedingungen und Eröffnen des Zugangs melden Sie sich bitte bei Ihrem Kunden-Fachberater. Die Kontakte finden Sie unter www.topcc.ch bei den Standorten.
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